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PRP Treatment Testimonial

Down below, I have attached some before and after pictures of my hair through my treatment of PRP with Dr. Diaz

- And the most recent picture is the one where I am showing my face and smiling because of my WONDERFUL results !

Dr. Diaz has been treating my hair loss for a while now with PRP treatments. And I absolutely recommend this treatment to ANYBODY suffering hair loss (male or female)


I suffered from hair loss for years and years until I finally met with Dr. Diaz and he recommended the PRP treatments for me. I trust Dr. Diaz and his staff completely and so we began the treatments and as you can see in my most recent photo I am smiling and so happy because my hair is incredibly better now! It is much thicker and even grew longer! Thanks to Dr. Diaz and his friendly staff I always feel so welcome over there


Many thanks to Tammy for sharing her experience with us!!!!

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