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Did you Know?

Micronutrient Testing

50% of people taking

multivitamins are micronutrient deficient,

despite supplementation!

A scientific and objective measure of your micronutrient status. It offers a targeted recommendation to address confirmed nutrient deficiencies in your body.  It may be the most important decision you make toward optimizing your health.  Call us and get your micronutrient test today!   

  • Vitamins

  • Minerals

  • Amino Acids

  • Total Antioxidant Function

  • Antioxidants

  • Carbohydrate Metabolism

  • Fatty Acids

  • Metabolites

  • Immune Response

What is it?

A thorough specialized blood test that checks for nutrient deficiencies in your body for the following categories:

Do you know that micronutrient deficiencies can adversely affect your health and can lead to:

  • Diabetes

  • Fatigue

  • Mood Disorders

  • Osteoporosis

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Hypertension

  • Inflammation

  • Cancer

  • Arthritis

  • Osteoporosis

  • And many other chronic diseases and conditions

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